Welcome to the Bone Brawlers

We're a guild that quests for riches and glory.


  • Lothar Skeggjadr – Admiral (Half-Orc, Barbarian)
  • Strehn Graewahl – Battlemaster (Human, Fighter)

Honorary Founders: Gil, Peter, Dargon

Members (in order of seniority):

  • Dor (Goliath, Barbarian)

    • "We drink plenty. And when that's not enough, we drink more"
  • Rona Ruar'tel (Moon Half-elf, Wizard)
  • Zealyth Argenscale (Dragonborn, Paladin)
  • Sal (Elf, Rogue)
  • Barry Stoneberg (Hill dwarf, Cleric)
  • Abernathy O'saughnessy (Gnome, Wizard)
  • Gabriel Swiftgrip (Halfling, Monk)
  • Lao Bai (Human, Monk)

Mascot: Dragonette Egg

Quartermaster: Niyla "Blackblood" Eurohn (Tiefling, Fighter: Swordmaster)


  • Bjornskip - Longship
  • Jotunsblot – Longship (Lothar is captain)
  • Clockwork Carriage (Abernathy is the driver)

Guild Equipment

  • Qual's Feather Token ("Swan") – p.189 DMG


  • 4794 gold
  • Orcish Longsword (fine) 
  • Obsidian Inlayed Longsword (+1)
  • Ornate longbow – (fancy)
  • 20x Hippogriff arrows

Guild Upkeep

  • 5 gpd (gold per day) on guildhall
  • 30 gpd on 10 unskilled workers

Bone Brawlers Guild

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